Welcome! I am so excited to see you’re considering a photo shoot for yourself and loved ones, and I hope to work with you in future! If you’re like me, you will have done some research and you’re looking for a photographer you can trust to capture you and your relationships beautifully. Every photographer has a unique way of creating and presenting your images. One of the main benefits of how I work is that your experience if centred around you. So I invite you to brew a cuppa and put your feet up and read through what you can expect when you book a photo shoot with me. This will give you a great understanding of the experience I offer. I hope this will answer all of your questions.

Why Choose Jade Thorby Photography?

A Truly Unique Portrait Experience - Do you want beautiful portraits of yourself and your family that you truly love? Do you want to feel confident that you have a photographer that has got your back and will make you look incredible? My portrait sessions are designed to pamper & celebrate all that you are and begins with a gorgeous makeover performed by professional hair & makeup artists, tailored to how you want to look. This will get you feeling your best before we begin creating your portraits. I will guide you all throughout your photoshoot with simple yet powerful posing that is designed to help you feel more confident & relaxed in front of the camera. You can trust I’ll be there every step of the way to capture the most beautiful & flattering portraits you’ve ever seen. Portraits that will change the way you see yourself. This is a fully guided portrait experience designed for you.

Relationship-Focussed - The special relationships in your life are certainly the most treasured connections you have in your life. I know the importance of relationships and I love to capture the unique bond you share with your loved ones. This is why I encourage you to enjoy this experience with your Mum, Daughters, Sisters or Best Friends… Make it a Girls Day Out with pampering hair & makeup, beautiful portraits and champagne before having the boys arrive later in your shoot to update your family portraits too. Whether you want a Mother & Daughter, Generations or Family focussed photo shoot, I will be sure to tailor your experience to how you dream of being photographed and create beautiful portraits that will leave you will memories to last a lifetime.

Quality Legacy Presentation - Do you appreciate high quality photography? With such gorgeous portraits from your photo shoot, you will be proud to display these special keepsakes in and around your home. I specialise in creating custom hand-made portrait collections, wall galleries, as well as framed & mounted prints. Add the WOW factor to your portraits with heirloom products, sourced personally by me using the best suppliers and luxury products especially for your incredible portraits.

A Commitment To Serving You - From your first initial enquiry, to your pre-shoot consultation, to your photo shoot day, to your reveal session, through to your product delivery, I will be there with you every step of the way to guide you and help you get the most out of your special photo shoot experience. I am committed to providing you with high quality photography, products & service to create the best portrait experience for you and your loved ones.



What is a Pre-Shoot Consultation? This is a consultation between you and I that we do prior to your photo shoot, usually over the phone, or in-person at my studio. This is a great opportunity to talk about your photo shoot, learn more about what to expect on the day, talk about how you’d like to be photographed and who with, go over ideas of what to wear and how you can prepare leading up to your session, we will go over details of products & pricing, look at availability to book your session, and I can answer any other questions you might have to you to help you in deciding if the portrait sessions I offer are a great fit for you. Your photo shoot is tailored all to how you dream of being photographed, and the consultation plays a big part in helping you prepare and give you everything you need to know so you will be confident booking me as your photographer. You will be super excited about your photo shoot after your consultation and you will also know exactly what to expect!

How many people can I include in my photo shoot? A maximum of 8 people can comfortably fit into my studio space for group portraits. What I recommend is to have the girls come in the morning for hair & makeup where we will capture beautiful individual and different combinations of portraits, before we have the rest of the family arrive towards the end of your shoot (such as Hubby, Dad, Sons, Brothers etc). Make it a girly day with wine & cheese, before everyone else arrives. You will be feeling relaxed, confident and ready to go by the time the rest of your family arrive for photos.

What is a Reveal Session? This is a very exciting part of your photo shoot experience with me… this is where you view and select what images you would like to purchase from your photo shoot! It’s the big PREMIERE Reveal Session of all your final portraits!

How many outfits should I bring to my photo shoot? I recommend bringing along up to 5 outfits each for your photo shoot. Think about fitted outfits that show off your figure, incorporate beautiful textures, necklines & sleeve lines. You can include something light, something dark, something colourful & bold, something glamorous - anything from casual to epic. Coordinate a few looks together with loved ones coming to the shoot, so you have similar tones & styles to wear for your group photos. This is all about you how how you want to be photographed.

Can I get photos with siblings? Absolutely!! We can talk more about this during your Consultation, where we will discus who you would like to be photographed with. Whether that be together with your Mum, Daughters, Sisters, Best Friends, Husband, Boyfriend, Dad, Brothers, Sons or all of the above!

How do we prepare for our session? I will guide you with LOTS of tips and tricks to help prepare for your big day. We will go over ideas of what outfits to wear, talk about what styles you like (light, dark, colourful, confident, classic, casual, glamorous or EPIC. You will have all the tools you need to start preparing for the big day, to begin building a collection of outfits to wear on the day, and book those beauty appointments like a hair cut & colour, manicure and brow shape, so you are photo shoot ready!

I’m pregnant! When is the best time to do a Maternity Photo Shoot? Maternity portraits are best captured around 31-36 weeks. Though timing can be different for everyone, or mothers carrying multiples 27-31 weeks are recommended.

Do you use Photoshop? Yes I do! As a professional photographer, all of the images I create are edited to a high standard and finished with my own signature retouching and is included when you book your photo shoot with me. So you need not worry about any spots popping up on the day of the photo shoot! I am happy to accommodate any special editing requests you might have as best as possible.

What if my children misbehave during the photo shoot? Don’t sweat it! I actually expect some mischief during your photo shoot. We will go with the flow at your session. Please don’t worry about it. Believe me I know what it’s like! I have a niece and nephew who regularly love to be a bit boisterous at times or have a bit of a melt down. So try leave it with me and I will do my best to make it FUN for the kids and keep them entertained and engaged during your session, to help take the pressure off you.

I’m not photogenic. Should I book a shoot? DO IT! I hear this sooo often… and you know what? It is not your job to be ‘photogenic’. I believe it is when you feel confident & relaxed that you allow yourself to shine. And this is seriously beautiful and I love photographing people to show them just how gorgeous they really are. I will take all the pressure off you, as my sessions are all fully guided so I will be there the whole way to show you exactly how to pose and even guide you with expressions. This allows me to capture the best photos you have ever seen of yourself and your loved ones.

I need to lose weight… Should I wait to lose the weight before I book? Actually, no you don’t HAVE to necessarily! All the posing I guide you with is super simple and seriously flattering for people of all shapes & sizes. Posing is my speciality, so you can trust that I have your back with the slimming poses I will direct you with. Don’t let that feeling of having to lose weight hold you back from getting gorgeous photos of yourself or with loved ones.

I’m too old… Why would I get a photo just of me? You know what my absolute favourite demographic of women to photograph is? 50+..! Yep, you heard that right. You are beautiful and wise and have an incredible story to capture. And your family would LOVE to have gorgeous photos of you that really capture the essence of who you are. You are never ‘too old’ to have beautiful photos. Don’t let this stop you from existing in photographs.

I don’t like getting my photo taken. Can you just photograph the kids? Can you imagine how important these photographs will be for your children one day? Remember, your children will look for photos of you one day.. and what will they find? Don’t forever be running away from the camera (or behind it taking photos). You deserve to exist in photos for yourself and especially for your loved ones. So feel the fear and do it anyway! You can trust me as your photographer and I will make it super easy during your photo shoot and guide you every step of the way, from how to stand, what expressions to use, even down to the last eyelash! You will be over the moon about the photos we capture when you see the final result!

I only want one photo. Can you do this? I take lots of photographs of everyone individually, as well as different combinations and in many different styles. We do multiple outfit changes during your photo shoot to create a beautiful range of portraits to choose from. And often the best shots are taken after you have warmed up and got used to being having me guide and direct you during your photo shoot (especially in the second half of your shoot). The result from your session are beautiful 'legacy’ portraits that tell a story and capture the love in your relationships and the beauty of who you are. Taking one photograph just wouldn’t be the best of my work.

How soon after until I can see the final finished images? We schedule this on the day of your session so we know when we are catching up again for your viewing & sales session, which is usually about 2 weeks after your photo shoot date.

What are your prices? Your session fee is $350 which includes professional hair & makeup of 2, a fully guided & stylised photo shoot, signature retouching plus a reveal & purchasing session. Photos & products are sold separately and start from $275 individually and collections starting from $1490. There is no obligation to buy your portraits unless you truly love them! You can spend $600 or $6,000 or more! What you buy is your choice.

How many images will you show? Depending on the number of people being photographed in your session, generally there is anywhere from 30 to 60+ images for you to choose from at your reveal session that will be available to buy.

This is a big investment. Can I pay in instalments? Yes of course! I do offer a flexible payment & finance options that lots of clients utilise via Finance Now, subject to credit approval.

I just want digital photos. Can you do this? I do offer digital but you also get them printed as well. So you get the best of both worlds! With beautiful legacy products, with matching high-res digital images in the print size you purchase.

Is there anything I should do before the photo shoot day? I recommend booking yourself a few beauty appointments prior to your photo shoot. Including a hair cut & colour, manicure and brow shape. I would say to avoid spray tanning is this is not your usual thing. Try on all of your outfits before your photo shoot to and decide on your favourites you’d like to wear for your photo shoot. Be sure to coordinate some looks if you’re getting group photos.

We’re only available for a shoot on a weekend, but you only seem to have weekday availability? Oh yes… weekend dates are snapped up super quick and quite far in advance at times, meaning many clients & their families opt for a weekday session. Just think of your photo shoot like a day out with your loved ones, so treat yourself and take the day off work and/or school. A photo shoot like this is definitely a special occasion after all!

How do I book? Use the online schedular to book in a consultation online, or call the studio on 0273633680 to catch up and check out current availability.

I have more questions! No problem! Schedule a consultation using the online schedular. I am happy to answer all of your questions so you will have everything you need to know to help you book your shoot and start preparing for the big day.