Preparing For Your Photo Shoot

the more planning you do, the better your photos will be

Your photo shoot is tailored as to how YOU want to be photographed.  So that you can make the most of your photo shoot experience, I HIGHLY recommend doing as much planning and preparation prior to your photo shoot, so that we can create beautiful portraits that you will love.  

It's your turn now to start visualising what your photo shoot will look like, so I invite you to start thinking about some of the key points we went over during your consultation.

Creating Your Vision Board

visualise your dream photo shoot

As I mentioned in your consultation, I recommend creating a VISION BOARD in Pinterest with ideas of hair and makeup styles you like, clothing styles you want to incorporate, and any particular photo shoot concepts you want for your photo shoot.

Pinterest is an excellent resource (although highly addictive), you can start building your own photo shoot through images which will give me a great idea of how you want to be photographed, and we can easily show the hair & makeup artist what style of hair and makeup you want for your photo shoot.

Here are some of my main Pinboards that I have created using inspiration on Pinterest to give you lots of ideas for you to start creating your own vision board:

Hair and Makeup Styles

Portrait Couture Style Guide

Login or create an account with Pinterest and start pinning!

Prepping Yourself

This is your big day to shine

This is your big day to shine like the beautiful person you really are.  Take care to make sure you have got everything organised as you need to.  Some suggestions from me include:

  • Get a hair cut & colour
  • Clean & tidy nails, or get a manicure
  • Get a brow shape (this does wonders for you!)
  • Get a spray tan (if you're a spray tan kind of girl!)