Mother & Daughter Photo Shoot || Deb & Shirley

After many years of shying away from the camera, Deb decided to book an extra special photo shoot with her beautiful 87 year old Mother, Shirley, who had never had a beautiful portrait taken of herself, like this, before.

As a side note... I hope I look as beautiful as Shirley does when I am 87!! 

mother daughter photo shoot deb 10 jade thorby photography

Deb and I met for a pre-shoot consultation before the big day where we chatted about the photo shoot day, what to expect, ideas for hair and makeup, what outfits to bring along, and if there was anything special she wanted to incorporate into her photo shoot with her Mother.

Finally the day came, and Deb & Shirley arrived with bells on, fresh faced and ready to go!!  After taking some quick before photos, the girls settled into the PAMPER CHAIRS for their professional makeovers, performed by my amazing team of ladies - Olivia from Dash Beauty & Makeup Studio, and Kylie-Ann from Voluptuous Devine.

WOW... what a beautiful transformation for Deb & Shirley!  I just LOVE how a bit of pampering with hair and makeup can make women feel that much more confident.  Changing their energy from unsure and nervous, to empowered goddess!

It is this change of energy and the feeling of confidence, that really shines through when I have women come into my studio.  It makes them feel 'safe', but what it really does is to help women feel more at ease and helps them to allow themselves to feel more confident in front of the camera... and OWN WHO THEY ARE. Right here and now.

These photographs that I have created for Deb and her Mother, Shirley, are priceless and will stand the test of time.  These photographs have captured a moment that has been stopped in time.  A moment that is just for Deb & Shirley... sharing a special experience together. Embracing who they are, and their very special relationship with one another.

I am blessed with a beautiful gift that allows me to create beautiful times memories that empower women to feel confident, embrace who they are and celebrate themselves and their special relationships.

See the full Mother & Daughter Photo Shoot experience unfold in this beautiful behind-the-scenes video of their Mother & Daughter Photo Shoot. Click PLAY on the video below:

Here is Deb's beautiful and touching testimonial of her Mother & Daughter Photo Shoot Experience...  This is what makes me so happy and grateful to be a photographer!!

Deb & Shirley... I hope this experience has helped you to feel more beautiful and confident and to love who you are more and more, every day.

With gratitude,

Jade xx



Hair: Kylie-Ann from Voluptuous Devine

Makeup: Olivia from Dash Beauty & Makeup Studio

Photography & Video: Jade Thorby Photography -  Hamilton Glamour Photographer