Molly & Stella's Photo Shoot

After seeing the beautiful Mother & Daughter portraits I did for Deb & Hannah, Molly called me to tell me she was going to be in New Zealand for the weekend and that she wanted to book a gorgeous Mother & Daughter photo shoot for her & Stella!

It was so easy to coordinate with the wonderful video calling technology we have, with Molly being in Sydney!  After catching up with Molly via video call, we began to design a gorgeous photo shoot and talked all about the different outfits the girls could wear for their session.  From gorgeous individual outfits, to coordinating beautiful outfits for the Mother & Daughter portraits.

A few weeks later, Molly & Stella had made it to New Zealand, and it was the morning of their beautiful Mother & Daughter Photo Shoot! 

We started the day with a gorgeous, pampering makeover, the early-morning nerves quickly dissipated before Molly & Stella got into their first outfit, ready to have their beautiful portraits taken!  

As the girls followed my guidance with beautiful posing and expressions, we started to create stunning portraits from casual, through to beautiful dresses, french tops, tulle & pearls.  The day was just beautiful and fell together perfectly, and we created magic that day with portraits that captured the beauty, spirit and love that Molly & Stella hold within themselves, and for each other.

There is nothing more beautiful than the gift of creating beautiful memories together as Mother & Daughter with a gorgeous makeover & photo shoot.  They are Legacy Portraits that show you the beauty of who you are as a woman, as a young girl, that stop time to always tell you the story of the gorgeous person you see in your portraits.  For you and your loved ones.

Portrait celebrating women, relationships, and the love we hold in ourselves and for each other. 

With gratitude,

Jade x