Jodi's Photo Shoot

Jodi was such a pleasure to have in my studio and photograph!  We tailored the session just for Jodi and were able to have her Husband, Steve, come in for stunning couples portraits to celebrate their 10 year Anniversary!

We started the day off just with Jodi with a pampering professional makeover, before taking her through a series of different looks - from beautiful dresses, to vanity-fair styled portraits, and incredible couples portraits at the end.

We went away feeling like it had been a great, fun experience, and waiting for the reveal session was endless...but we got to see them on Valentines day, and they were so amazing! We got to pick the ones we liked the best, and choose the package we wanted...we went for a framed selection of 9 photo’s and also 1 boudoir shot. We were just SO happy with the final shots and what Jade captured of us together and by ourselves. We can’t wait to have the photographs hanging on the wall so everyone can see them!!
— Jodi, 31
We all have personal hangups or things we see “wrong” with ourselves, but while doing the photo shoot with Jade, none of that mattered, I didn’t feel self conscious or fat or silly...and when seeing the end result, I definitely didn’t feel/see any of those things either. It’s an amazing confidence boost and Jade really does help you see that those things don’t matter, and we can shine just the way we are. It was also a great experience for my husband, as due to his new teeth, he felt he could smile comfortably and know he looked great, rather then hiding his teeth!
— Jodi, 31

Thank you sooo very much for coming to my studio for beautiful portraits Jodi!  I hope this experience has helped you to see the incredible & beautiful woman you really are.

With gratitude,

Jade xx 



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