Jocelyn's 50 & Fabulous Photoshoot

After taking the opportunity to celebrate being 50 & FABULOUS, Jocelyn bit the bullet and booked in a beautiful makeover photoshoot to embrace this special time in her life.

I love to photograph women, especially those who are 50+!  This is such a special time in a woman's life and sometimes it can be a time of self-discovery of oneself.  Photographing everyday woman and showing her beauty back to herself is one of the greatest gifts that I've been blessed with.

Jocelyn took the opportunity to bring her Daughter, Rhylee, along to be part of her makeover photoshoot experience, and share the best Girls Day Out Experience together as Mother & Daughter.

These portraits are a treasure to Jocelyn, Rhylee and all of their loved ones.  It is humbling to know that these portraits will be cherished for many years to come.... portraits that will outlive me and leave a legacy to the beautiful woman Jocelyn is, and her beautiful relationship with Rhylee that captures their Mother & Daughter bond.

The portraits I create in my studio, allow a special space for women from all walks to life to experience your own beauty, the way your loved ones see them, in a safe and fun environment that allows you to be yourself and have a day that is all about YOU.  As your most beautiful self, regardless of 'where you're at in life'.

Thank you so much for coming to my studio Jocelyn.  You are beautiful and I hope the experience of being photographed has helped you to love yourself more and appreciate your own light & beauty.  

With gratitude,

Jade xo