Crisie's Photo Shoot

From corporate, to grungy rock chick, to a beautiful bohemian woman. Crisie gave me a unique brief to work with for her photo shoot... and WOW. Crisie totally rocked it and we got some amazing photos for her to always cherish!  

jade thorby photography - crisie corporate
jade thorby photography - crisie bohemian

Crisie is a beautiful, hard-working woman who I have had the pleasure of working with over the past few years in my past life as a Travel Consultant.  Working in a busy and demanding role that Crisie dedicates herself to, it was a beautiful contrast for Crisie to relax and let herself be pampered and to have a day JUST FOR HER.

To celebrate who she is as a woman with an empowering and pampering photo shoot experience.

jade thorby photography - crisie cover girl

In Crisie's own words, she has written a beautiful testimonial about her experience and how it has helped to her embrace who she is and to see the beauty on the inside & outside...

Dear Jade

I have been struggling with writing a thank you note that shows adequately how much I appreciate the time, love and support you gave me for my glamour photo shoot.

You see I’m ordinary, average. Like hundreds of thousands of other women out there, probably like the one (I hope) that will get to read this message someday, I am nothing special.

I have a job that I love and hate in the same breath. A husband and family I would do anything for, and a bunch of great crazy friends that come from all walks of life, friendships that span my lifetime.

I’m busy, mostly too busy to notice the little things. Oh believe me I try but life has this way of getting on top of you and sometimes, well.... you can’t see your way out of it, see how to make time or an effort on yourself, see why you should put yourself first for once and just take a chance.

You gave me the opportunity to do just that. A morning of unashamed pampering, laughter and self belief. You made me gorgeous! You showed the me on the outside that I knew was somewhere hiding on the inside.

I come away from this experience a little less harsh on myself, on being older, and with a promise that I am going to put myself first every now and again.

Thank you. And to the wonderful woman reading this right now, you who thinks you are Ms Ordinary, or Mrs Average you are beautiful. Let Jade show you just like she showed me.

Brightest blessings and much love
jade thorby photography - grunge rock

It was an honour to photograph you Crisie, and I hope these portraits are a daily reminder for you to be kind to yourself, accept all that you are an embrace your inner goddess.

With gratitude,

Jade x