My Promise To You

There are many things in this world and in our selves that stop us from getting in front of the camera.  But what I find most is that women have a hard time embracing who they are and accepting themselves as they are.

We are surrounded by images of celebrities, models & of the Hollywood elite who have huge pressure to have keep themselves in peak condition, regardless of how they get there or how it affects their own health and well being.

Let me tell you now, there is always going to be something that we are not happy about with ourselves.  I know about that negative self-hate talk, that so easily puts us down, or calls us hurtful names, or makes us feel we will never be good enough.  That is your own voice, and we allow it to continue to hurt us in adulthood, without thinking about how it truly affects us.

On my journey I have experienced being ridiculed and bullied for how I looked, or for the clothes I wore, or for the things I liked or for the things I would say.  It started as a young child, and it did continue into my teenage years.

As a grown woman, now aged 27 years, I know that these experiences from when I was young have been allowed to follow me into adulthood.  Things that were said to me as a young girl, I would always remember how it made me feel - fat, ugly, and not good enough.

I would tell myself things like "My legs are horrible", "My skin is so white & pasty", "I can't do that", or "I'm not good enough"

It is a horrible thing to say, but this was my journey, I even now I still hear that voice inside my head saying something mean.  But I have learned to keep that voice in check and to only focus on the positive things about me.  To appreciate and love who I am, for the things I do for others, for the love and gratitude I receive daily, and for my happy and healthy mind, body & soul.

So it is my mission to help women like you to feel beautiful & empowered, by creating the most beautiful photographs you have ever seen.  So that you can see your most beautiful self at any stage of life.

Forget the mean voice in your head - you are the one that keeps re-empowering it and focussing on what you hate about yourself. But really, if you start small and say something about yourself that you love, or that you're grateful for, I promise that negative self-talk will start to lessen more and more each day.

You won't be so focussed on all your so-called flaws, instead embracing who you are being grateful for what your body does for you each day.  It is constantly working hard to keep you healthy, it helps you to move and do the things you want to do each day.

Let me help you to feel beautiful on the inside & outside, to make you feel special (because you are), and to help you feel more confident and accept yourself at any stage of life.

I want to capture the most incredible portraits you have seen.  Photos that change the way you see yourself.

Exist in photos NOW for yourself, and for your loved ones.

With gratitude,

Jade x