Fine Art Nude Portrait ~ Film Noir Shoot

This was a fun and inspired shoot I wanted to do just for me.  I have always loved beautiful black and white, film noir style of portraits and have always appreciated the body form in art.

This is a very artistic style of portrait shoot that is more about the body form of a woman.  Though I LOVE the how the connection in the eyes can be seen so truly in some of these portraits. It is vulnerable and intense.

That vulnerability is what makes a portrait great - a gaze that draws you into their eyes.

Shot in my natural light home studio, I cut down the light and shot with no reflector and about 2-3 stops under exposed.  Photo shop is a big component to finish a beautiful film noir style of portrait, using gusty dark, black and white film filter to create an incredible series of a woman body form.

Hair & Makeup: Cherie B Hair & Makeup (

I am IN LOVE with these beautiful portraits and can't wait to get one of them blown up and put on the wall for some new artwork in my studio!  I am thinking BIG!!

With gratitude & love,

Jade x