New Experiences

Fabulous darling!  Jan you are absolutely glowing! This was a new experience for Jan, and she got to have a fabulous day to herself. To have a break from farming to instead come and enjoy a luxurious and pampering portrait experience. 

jade thorby photography glamour jan

Jan received a gift voucher to come enjoy a pampering makeover and photo shoot after winning a silent auction at the Novotel Tainui Hamilton Cure Kids Fundraiser evening back in March this year. Amazing event and it helped to raise money for a wonderful cause x 

I want to show all women that you are unique and beautiful and you deserve to see this in yourself.  The Glamour Portrait Experience is designed to make you feel comfortable and relaxed, pampered, beautiful, confident, and sexy. An experience that empowers women to see themselves and accept and love who they are at every stage of life.  

You deserve to feel beautiful every day and I want to help you do this, by taking the most beautiful portraits you have seen of yourself. So you will always exist in photographs for yourself, for your children and for your loved ones. 

Because You're Worth It.

Jade x