Going back in time

This is Georgina...  a beautiful women whom I had the pleasure of photographing last year back in February 2014.

Georgina's story is one of triumph and celebration of who she is as a Women.  She is a women who has had a fear of being photographed and has been through an incredible transformation, losing an amazing 50kg!  

Georgina came to me to experience a Glamour Photo Shoot, where she was pampered with a beautiful makeover, she got to dress up with an array of seriously beautiful dresses she had bought along, she even went out and hired a piece for her photo shoot and made her own hat for a special steam punk look.... it reminded me of the Mad Hatter from Alice in Wonderland, but with some serious bad ass style and attitude.

You can design your dream photo shoot to exist in the most beautiful photographs you have seen of yourself too.

A photograph can stop time. Forever capturing a moment to exist in photographs for yourself, for your children.  As your best beautiful.

Jade x