It's Official... !!!

For those of you I have met, you will know that I have been building my portrait photography business part time while still having to go to my other full time 'day job'.. Well it's now official...

I have made a big decision to quit my safe, full time job, change my own life and launch my photography business to the next level!! O M G ... !!!  

Come April 2015, I will be working part time 3 days a week (no more full time day job yahoo!), which will allow me to give the time and care to continue to nurture and grow my fabulous portrait photography business even more!! :D

This is a business that I absolutely LOVE, and have built from scratch with all of my love, care, passion, determination and hard work ... as well as with the help of truly amazing mentors as Sue Bryce Photographer and the IBWS Facebook group.  If it weren't for these people, I would not be where I am today.

I am so thankful to everyone who has supported me so far, to help me realise my true potential and help me to see that I CAN and I have created a beautiful, luxury portrait photography business, that people will know about, who value the service I provide and understand my philosophy of existing in beautiful portraits, and see it is more than just pretty photos, but a journey of self-discovery where you will see your own beautiful self looking straight back into your eyes, looking and FEELING beautiful.  Accepting and falling in love with ourselves.

It is time to move away from old attitudes, fears and habits and embrace positive change, and believe I am worthy of success and of having a great life, doing what I love doing every day...  I am blessed and am so thankful for this amazing gift.

From the very start, this is one of my favourite poem's that has stuck with me after I realised what my true path was - to create beautiful photographs of everyday women, so that they can see for themselves how truly beautiful they really are.  

Dream it. See it.  Own it.  Believe it.

With love and gratitude....

Jade x