A Mother's Love

I photographed my BEAUTIFUL Mother yesterday with her very own Glamour Photo Shoot!!  We had sooo much fun, and I LOVED how my Mum got to experience a beautiful session with me and my girls, Olivia and Teresa doing hair and makeup, for the full makeover too!!

Mum, you are a beautiful, strong woman and I am very lucky to have you as my Mother... You are my best friend without a doubt.  I am so grateful to have discovered my gift for photography and it fills me with happiness knowing I have given you something that is special and unique.... photographs not only for you to cherish, but your friends and family too.  I will never forget this beautiful experience I have shared with you Mum x

You are my rock, with your constant love and support and encouragement for me to follow my dreams.  You have made me the strong, caring, independent and ambitious woman that I am today, and I have you to thank for this.

I will love you always and forever my beautiful, caring Mother xx

She is a Woman.
She is a Mother. Daughter. Wife. Sister.
She is a Person.
She is Strong, Smart, Crafty.
She is Passionate, Courageous, Generous.
Cooking barefoot is only one of several superpowers.
She is Action, Emotion, Devotion.
She has Hope, Beauty, Power.
She has a brain and she knows how to use it.
She gives you Life.
She gives you Respect, Love, Gratitude.
She Believes in You.
She will Nurture you, Fight for you.
She deserves nothing less from you.

With Mother's Day only just around the corner, I have put together a beautiful pamper package for you to gift to your own Mum this Mother's Day!!!

This is the perfect way to celebrate your Mother's Love, with a beautiful pamper package for only $140, which includes a glamour photo shoot with me, a $100 credit towards portraits, plus receive a bouquet of flowers, a box of chocolate and of course, a bottle of bubbles!!  A total package value of $300!!

Your Mum deserves to be celebrated and this is one experience that all Mothers should have... not only for the pampering, but for the beautiful photographs...

I want to photograph your own Mother's love, beauty and personality, so your Mum exists in photographs as the beautifully, stunning woman that she is... photographs that will never fade or be forgotten x