The Importance Of Existing In Photographs

As a portrait photographer, I fully believe that we all must exist in photographs.  By way of preserving life's memories.  I want to photograph all women, along with their loved ones, to document them through all of their life's stages - in their 20's, 30's, 40's, 50's, 60's... celebrating relationships and life-long friends, new beginnings, and our own transformations and obstacles that have made us the person we are today.

Regardless of our shape, size, or appearance, we are all important and special in the eyes of our dearest friends and family.  The reason to exist in photographs, not only for your own self, but for your loved ones to treasure too.

A true portrait to me, is capturing a person's inner beauty, the light that shines from the inside out.  Creating a beautiful portrait, to capture a moment where life stands still, making a memory last forever.

All of these people have experienced a photo shoot with me, and have come to understand that they are beautiful, with stunning portraits to remind themselves of that.  When we leave this world, all that is left are memories and photographs for our loved ones to remember us by.