Meet Georgina

It has been a very long time coming, but I have finally got around to starting my blog, so my fans, friends and family can follow me and my photography.  I hope you enjoy reading my blog!

Georgina booked a photo shoot with me, having never had any professional photos of herself previously, always feeling terrified of cameras, detesting having ANY photos taken of her...   Reason being, about 3 years ago Georgina made an incredible transformation, losing an amazing 50kg!!

Meeting Georgina at the pre-consult, I learned about her story and the transformation she has made, and realised what a huge step it must be for Georgina to make the decision to do her very own photo shoot.    Georgina, you are a brave, courageous and beautiful woman, and I am so happy you decided to book your glamour photo shoot me!

Jade Thorby Georgina Before & Makeover.jpg

After being pampered by my amazing team of hair and makeup artists for her makeover with, Teresa from Hair By Teresa and Olivia from Glenview Beauty Studio, Georgina made her way to the studio for her photo shoot!

About an hour or so later, after working through the posing, numerous outfit changes, makeup touch ups, and lots of giggling and laughing, we were done shooting!

I met with Georgina a couple of weeks later for her viewing & ordering session.  I was so excited to show Georgina her portraits.  Absolutely STUNNING woman.  Beautiful on the inside and out.

Lovely message from Georgina...

Since losing nearly 50 kgs and always terrified of cameras and hate with a passion to get my photo taken Jade totally made feel comfortable and at ease. Totally professional and very courteous. I would recommend her to anyone .

I am very thankful I made the decision to be photographed by Jade. Thanks Jade I feel really good about today!
— Georgina

This is why I love what I do - photographing everyday women, to show them their true beauty that I can see from the inside out.

Jade x

Jade Thorby Glamour Georgina 1
Jade Thorby Glamour Georgina 2
Jade Thorby Glamour Georgina 3
Jade Thorby Glamour Georgina 4
Jade Thorby Glamour Georgina 5
Jade Thorby Glamour Georgina 6
Jade Thorby Glamour Georgina 7
Jade Thorby Glamour Georgina 8
Jade Thorby Glamour Georgina 9
Jade Thorby Glamour Georgina 10